Grooming your Wheaten


There are many differing grooming techniques (in people and countries) for achieving a good result, but this page (and our other related pages) have guidelines, tips, video clips and photographs which will give a pleasing and easily maintainable Wheaten coat.

Before trimming your Wheaten Terrier it should first be bathed and combed. The Basic Care & Grooming page has a video tutorial on how to comb your dog.

One important aspect is that you should be pleased with the trim you give your Wheaten and that he/she looks their best. The hope is that you find these pages helpful in your quest to groom your own Wheaten Terrier.

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America also have grooming information on this link (opens in new window).

San has many years experience of grooming Wheaten Terriers and is a member of the WHI Steering Group.


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Combing and De-matting

These two video shows you how to comb your Wheaten and how to remove knots and matts easily.

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WHI give thanks to Churmy for the following informative video.



The following videos all have similar scissoring techniques, so you may find that emphasis for a particular part of the dog appears more on one video than another, but the technique is interchangeable.

A Wheaten puppy

receiving her first trim at thirteen weeks old. Encouragement, tolerance, a little discipline and a lot of treats help to give the puppy a 'happy experience', as much a part of this exercise as is grooming technique.

This video is in three parts: Encouragement and Body, Head, Ears and Neck, Tail, Paws and Finishing.

More puppy care and grooming information can be found on the puppy care page.

Pet Trims

(style 1) - suitable for adults or puppies.

This dog is thirteen years old, so in order to minimise the time standing on the grooming table clippers are used as much as possible, with scissor work to finish.

This video is in six parts: Using clippers on the body; Head, ears and neck; trimming underneath; Tidying body with scissors; Tidying head and neck with scissors and feet, and Finishing tidying of body with scissors.

(style 2) - using clippers without a comb.

As long as care and a steady hand are exercised, this method of trimming can be an easier and quicker way to achieve a coat style which is suitable for your Wheaten.

This video is in three parts: Trimming with clippers only; Finishing with scissors, and The End Result.

Show trims

- Heavy coat.

This technique can be used for both heavy and Irish coats. Straight scissors are used, with one sided thinning scissors for blending.

- Irish coat.

The technique is the same as for a heavy coat.

This video is in three parts: Bodywork with scissors and comb; Rear, Front and neck; Head, ears and Finish.

The following two videos give Hints and Tips on other essential grooming techniques:


Information about care with eyelashes and coat care on this short video.


Ways to tackle the awkward area of trimming the feet.





'Eyelash' puppy - Keona Lu and also:

Puppy - Indie
Indie before
Indie after
Indie after
Pet trim (style 1) - Chloe
Chloe before
Chloe after
Chloe after
Pet trim (style 2) & Feet - Ruffle
Ruffle before
Ruffle after
Ruffle after
Show trim (heavy coat) - Chia
Chia before trim
Chia after
Chia aftertrim
Show trim (Irish coat) - Dougal
Dougal before
Dougal after
Dougal after